Get ready to rumble!

You don't have to be a robot hacker, you don't even need a robot of your own to join the tournament - just borrow one from us.

You will learn all you need

At the workshop, we'll show you the basics of the programming and how to connect sensors and other hardware.

Pimp your ride!

The aesthetics and personality of your robot is just as important as its fighting ability. The "Best Character in Show" will be rewarded!

Rules of the Tournament

The rules in Mini-Sumo are actually pretty simple: The robot who pushes the other off the arena wins. Here you can read the official Sumo Robot Rules in detail.

See you in the ring! Until then - Hakkeyoi nokotta*

(*Ready, go!)

About the Workshop and Tournament

We have quite a few Zumo Robot for Arduino and if you want to borrow one, just let us know in the signup form (first-come, first-served).

We will start with a workshop (at 4.30 pm) where you can learn the basics of the programming and how to connect sensors and other hardware. We will have a soldering iron and electrical components on site for you to use. There will also be a lot of other material available, so that you can pimp your ride for the tournament. Please bring your own laptop for the workshop.

The tournament will start at 9 pm with a group play-off, followed by semi-finals and a final. There will be a price for winning the tournament, but the "Best character in show" will also be awarded.

The spots for the workshop and tournament are limited, last day to apply for a spot is on Wednesday, 8/9, 1 pm (CEST). Wednesday evening we'll contact you and let you know if you've gotten a spot.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please send them to:

P.S. Here's a movie from the last Mini-Sumo-Robo-Clash held at Vinnovera in Stockholm. Now you know what you might be up against...